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Database of departements/Institutions collect data about owners, administrators, developers and consumers of registers and information systems. It includes data about important events: registration of institution, joining institution with secure data exchange system, etc.

General Data

General data about institution

Official name of the institution to be registered

Registration code of the institution

Contact e-mail address for registration notifications

Inform the department or agency on which the institution depends

Official code of institution given by government

Description of institution: strategical, organizational, financial view.

Role of institution. Select from checkbox

Indicate the location of the institution , the post office box and the telephone number

Link to the institution official website.

The opening days and hours of the public offices that deliver services

Activity sector eg health, family, ..

Business events for which a company could contact that institution

Quote channels to join this institution ( eg : online , telephone, make the trip etc ) and give each channel owner, phone number

Affiliated structures

Give the list of affiliated structures



Specify the references that justify the creation of the institution (decree, law etc.)



Any documents that can be used to inquire about the institution (Statutes, AOF decree and others)


*Contact Persons

Name, e-mail, phone, position and function of person in Institution. Example: CIO, responsible for CatIS and X-Road.